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A simple and plain ring to snuggle up to everyday.
Some days providing comfort、
some days gently nudging me forward.
A source of support always by my side、the 'LIFE WITH...' ring series。

With the 'WILL' and 'peace of mind' rings as a base,

we embed the birthstones of your treasured ones,

and the ring is thus completed.


Introducing the 'Family Ring'

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peace of mind and new item the WILL ring

Embedding into a ring the birthstone of those nearest and dearest,

instilling into a stone forever, precious feelings to always remember

and creating your own original ring that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

That is the Family Ring.

After placing an order, we will communicate with you about the placement and design of the stones via email or whatever messaging app you use,  and then start production. If you don't know your ring size, you can also rent a ring gauge.

Family Ring

  • *Details*
    stone size: approximately 2mm
    ring sizes (Japanese sizing) 1~14
    For 18K gold ring size 15 and above, there is an additional charge of 7,000yen.  For 10K gold, and additional charge of 4,000yen will be added to the price.

    Within 3 months of your purchase, we are able to adjust, free of charge, the ring size either smaller or larger by a single size.

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